From Right: Frik Hartzer, Peter Zawada, Feargal Murphy; Prof. Garth Earls (IGS team) & Rory Somerset & Gavin Berke (Planetary AI) at FMF24

IGS (International Geoscience Services) Ltd is a UK based, specialist consultancy supporting and promoting the mineral resource sector by collecting, quality control, defining technical specifications, compilation, value adding, interpreting  and serving of geodata.


1 – National Mapping Programmes

IGS implements large geological, geochemical and geophysical mapping programmes used by governments and industry to support and stimulate mineral exploration.  It supervises, monitors and signs-off on the quality of geological and geochemical mapping and airborne geophysical data.

                                                                                                                         Geological map

2 – Institutional Strengthening

IGS provides a wealth of strategic management knowledge and experience to assist national geological survey organisations to transform and realign their strategic objectives and operations.

3 – Geodata Management

IGS are experts in the collection, interpretation, management, and serving of geodata typically held by geoscience survey organisations e.g., processing and interpreting geophysical data, setting up geoportals, compiling prospectivity maps and integrating geological map data on GIS platforms.

                                                                                                                              Geophysical Map

4 – Training and Capacity Building

IGS is experienced in delivering training and capacity building projects around the world in a variety of geoscientific disciplines.

5 – Target Generation

We help to identify prospective areas for mineralisation using innovative approaches by applying semantically driven technology and AI technologies for regions, countries or discrete geological terranes.

Project experience

IGS is internationally renowned for its supervision and quality control of large geodata acquisition programmes commissioned by governments, worldwide – funded by the World Bank, national governments and other agencies. IGS is the lead party as Technical Partner to the Saudi Geological Survey for the surveying of the Arabian Shield in Saudi Arabia (600 000 km2). This multi-year project provides quality control of contractors for the geological mapping, geochemical sampling programme, airborne geophysical survey, upgrading the National Geodatabase and the National Core Library of contractors.

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