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IGS Attends PDAC 2024 in Toronto


It was great to attend PDAC from the 3rd – 6th March 2024 in Toronto.  The event proved again to be a success for IGS in meeting clients and establishing discussions on some exciting new opportunities for the company.

PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) is the World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention. It is the leading event for people, companies and organizations connected to mineral exploration.

By Dr. Peter Zawada – Managing Director

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IGS Providing Technical Support to the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry in Mongolia


Ash Johnson and Mark Parker from IGS recently provided assistance to the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Mongolia to prepare the technical specifications for a new multi-parameter airborne geophysical survey over a large section of South-Central Mongolia. The aim of the project is to identify areas with the potential to host critical mineral deposits. IGS were kindly supported by the British Embassy, Mongolia under the leadership of HM Ambassador Fiona Blyth. Full details of the tender can be found at https://lnkd.in/ewzUX-dm

From L-R Ulzii Nyamlkhagva, Bayarkhangai Khishig-ochir, Ash Johnson, Uyanga Bold (Deputy Minister), Mark Parker, Sanchigdorj Khurelbaatar.

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From Right: Frik Hartzer, Peter Zawada, Feargal Murphy; Prof. Garth Earls (IGS team) & Rory Somerset & Gavin Berke (Planetary AI) at FMF24

IGS (International Geoscience Services) Ltd is a UK based, specialist consultancy supporting and promoting the mineral resource sector by collecting, quality control, defining technical specifications, compilation, value adding, interpreting  and serving of geodata.


1 – National Mapping Programmes

IGS implements large geological, geochemical and geophysical mapping programmes used by governments and industry to support and stimulate mineral exploration.  It supervises, monitors and signs-off on the quality of geological and geochemical mapping and airborne geophysical data.

                                                                                                                         Geological map

2 – Institutional Strengthening

IGS provides a wealth of strategic management knowledge and experience to assist national geological survey organisations to transform and realign their strategic objectives and operations.

3 – Geodata Management

IGS are experts in the collection, interpretation, management, and serving of geodata typically held by geoscience survey organisations e.g., processing and interpreting geophysical data, setting up geoportals, compiling prospectivity maps and integrating geological map data on GIS platforms.

                                                                                                                              Geophysical Map

4 – Training and Capacity Building

IGS is experienced in delivering training and capacity building projects around the world in a variety of geoscientific disciplines.

5 – Target Generation

We help to identify prospective areas for mineralisation using innovative approaches by applying semantically driven technology and AI technologies for regions, countries or discrete geological terranes.

Project experience

IGS is internationally renowned for its supervision and quality control of large geodata acquisition programmes commissioned by governments, worldwide – funded by the World Bank, national governments and other agencies. IGS is the lead party as Technical Partner to the Saudi Geological Survey for the surveying of the Arabian Shield in Saudi Arabia (600 000 km2). This multi-year project provides quality control of contractors for the geological mapping, geochemical sampling programme, airborne geophysical survey, upgrading the National Geodatabase and the National Core Library of contractors.

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IGS exhibiting in INDABA 5-8 February 2024 in Cape Town , South Africa


A very successful exhibition at Indaba 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa. It has been great to meet a range of our partners and clients across the Africa region and beyond, and we look forward to engaging in many more successful projects across the region.

Thanks to the UK Department of Business and Trade Africa team for hosting us on the UK pavilion.

By Dr. Peter Zawada – Managing Director

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Completion of field work on the High-Resolution Geochemical Survey of the Arabian Shield (GSAS) project


The field work of the High-Resolution Geochemical Survey of the Arabian Shield (GSAS) project which covers the entire Arabian Shield (c. 600,000 km²), commissioned by the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) with International Geoscience Services (IGS) as Lead Technical Partners (TPs), and conducted by the Chinese Geological Survey (CGS) including analyses of 76 elements for each sample have been completed successfully.

More than 88,000 stream sediment samples were successfully collected with no incident or LTI (Loss Time Injury) recorded since March 2022. This is a great achievement for the team (SGS-CGS-TP) as well as IGS (Lead Technical Partners). As part of celebration for this milestone achievement and successful completion of the field sampling.

Thanks to the Technical Partners (TPs) for joining hands with the Management of SGS led by His Excellency, Eng. Abdullah Al-Shamrani (Chief Executive Officer/President of SGS) and the Management of China Geological Survey (CGS) for collecting the samples.

Members of the Technical Partner team together with staff from SGS and CGS, collect the final sample of more than 88,000 stream sediment samples within the Arabian Shield. These samples are analysed for 76 elements aiming to create a state-to-the are database and produce geochemical maps.

By  Dr. Reik Degler – Project Geologist

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IDPeX and MSA meet in Riyadh to discuss our project in India


IDPeX and MSA have been working together on a project for OMC (Odisha Mining Corporation Limited) to provide exploration related support and technical assistance for mining blocks in Odisha, to be auctioned by the State Government.

IDPeX is an Indian registererd consultancy that brings together the resources of IGS, PGW and Datacode. MSA is the contractual lead on the project and brings its valuable experience in mineral exploration. Because we all attended the Future Minerals Forum 24, in Riyadh, we took the opportunity to meet after FMF 24 to discuss progress on the project and to agree on further planning. A successful meeting and many thanks to all who attended.

From left: S. Karunakar Rao (‘KK’) & Peter Zawada of IDPeX; Ian Haddon & Craig Blane of MSA; Stephen Reford & Asim Chatterjee of IDPeX

By Dr. Peter Zawada – Managing Director
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Contractor Presents Mobile Mapping Application for Geological Mapping Project of the Arabian Shield


As part of the preparation for the mobile digital mapping of the Arabia Shield, the contractor (China Geological Survey) presented a beta version of its self-developed mobile application. At a two-day workshop in Jeddah, geologists from the Saudi Geological Service (SGS) and IGS geologists as Technical Partner of SGS were able to get an introduction of how the software can be used in the field. Based on experiences made in the field and input by SGS and TP, the contractor aims to optimize on the mobile mapping application.

Geological Mapping of the Arabian Shield – Contractor presents Mobile Mapping Application

 By  Dr. Reik Degler – Project Geologist

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Workshop on high-resolution Geochemical Survey of the Arabian Shield (GSAS) using stream sediment and heavy mineral concentrate samples


Dr Esko Korkiakoski, the new IGS Team Leader for the Geochemical Survey of Arabian Shield (GSAS) gave the opening presentation at a recent two day open session workshop held at Swissôtel Living Jeddah Hotel on 17-18 of September 2023.  He outlined the current status and objectives of the survey. During the session of the workshop, China Geological Survey (CGS) (the technical operator of the field sampling, analytical work and map production) presented about 90,000 stream sediment samples.

IGS Ltd and Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) are  technical partners to Saudi Geological Survey (SGS). They are in charge of the quality control of the geochemical survey, giving support and advice in all aspects related to the project implementation, and approval of the final products.

By Dr. Esko Korkiakoski (IGS Ltd) – Technical Partner team leader for the SGS Geochemical Survey of Arabian Shield (GSAS)

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Dr Feargal Murphy presentation to experts from Arabian Shield Stratigraphic Commission


Dr Feargal Murphy  recently presented initial results from SGS RGP airborne geophysics phase 1 (mag/rad) to experts from Arabian Shield Stratigraphic Commission (ASSC) group. The ASSC is a panel of international experts in Neoproterozoic geology who are developing an updated lithostratigraphy for the upcoming Arabian Shield mapping programme. The RGP phase 1 data is being acquired for SGS by Sander Geophysics Ltd and Xcalibur Multiphysics. IGS and colleagues from Patterson Grant and Watson (PGW) are technical advisors for the RGP geophysics programmes. IGS and GTK are technical partner for the RGP programme.

By Dr. Feargal Murphy – principal geophysicist

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IGS in Suriname – A roadmap for a new Geological Survey


IGS and GAF AG (Germany) are together working on a 12-month long project commissioned by the Suriname Ministry of Natural Resources entitled: ‘International mining specialist to support the establishment & the commissioning of the Minerals Institute of Suriname: Cadastre & Geological Survey’. This is one of several initiatives of a loan agreement between Suriname and the World Bank called the ‘Suriname Competitiveness and Sector Diversification Project’.

Suriname has an interesting geology with much of it located on the Guiana Shield, which has a high potential for a range of minerals including gold, diamonds, other metallic minerals as well as kaolin, critical minerals (including rare earth elements) and dimension stone. The extractive sector of Suriname is dominated by oil, gold and bauxite. The government wants to promote a regulated and responsible expansion of its mining industry by creating a new mining authority known as ‘Delfstoffen Authoriteit Suriname’, whose objective will be the promotion, coordination, regulation, monitoring and inspection of its mineral sector in a sustainable manner. Our project supports these objectives by developing a modernised mining cadastre and a new Geological Survey.

IGS is responsible for the development and early-stage implementation of a road map for a new Geological Survey. An important component of the work will be to identify the key geoscience and geodata programs that will attract investor interest in the country. GAF AG is responsible for the assessment and development of a road map for the implementation of a revised and modernised cadastre system. Both IGS and GAF AG have visited the country as part of the inception phase and are now working on the assessment part of the project for these components. Further updates for this project will be posted as the project progresses.

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