Geodata Management

Geodata – geological, geophysical, and geochemical data – is typically produced in large quantities during mineral exploration, particularly during regional-scale surveys.

The acquisition of geodata is often an expensive and time-consuming process. For example, regional-scale airborne geophysical surveys can cost millions of dollars to acquire over many months. Geodata is usually held by a Geological Survey or similar organisation, and it is crucial that this data is managed carefully and responsibly to enable accurate analysis and distribution, and to prevent data from being damaged, duplicated or lost.

IGS understands the importance of geodata management and we work with national governments, ministries and geological survey organisations to ensure good practice in the storage, analysis, and delivery of geodata within an institution, as well as to external companies if appropriate.

Heli-borne geophysical surveying equipment

Heli-borne geophysical surveying equipment


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