Afghan project graded A+ in DFID review

Afghanistan meeting July 2016We are pleased to announce that the latest Annual Review of the ESSP (Extractive Sector Support Programme in Afghanistan has graded the programme as A+. This review, undertaken by DFID, the funders for this work, is the second year in a row that this grade has been achieved, and is a tremendous accomplishment for all involved in this work.

Despite challenges, our projects continue to make good progress at both the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and the Afghan Geological Survey (AGS). Laboratory equipment for the AGS projects will begin to arrive in August which will be followed by training AGS staff on how to use this equipment, and we are hopeful to refurbish several other pieces of laboratory analytical equipment as well, which should be more cost effective than replacing them with new items.

More details about this work can be seen on the DFID website here.