IGS Xplore – Raising Investment to Go Global

IGS Ltd is pleased to announce that it has recently completed a significant investment of private capital which will be used to advance the development of IGS Xplore – its proprietary software service that de-risks early stage mineral exploration.

IGS Xplore is an expert system developed by IGS Ltd over the past 2.5 years which was formally commercially launched in early 2016 and which has already received a number of critical endorsements from high profile clients. Xplore is unique in the mineral sector and provides essential prospectivity analysis across a wide range of commodities, covering all the main globally recognised mineralization models, quickly and cost effectively. The market in which Xplore will operate includes the junior, mid-cap and major exploration companies, mining finance/institutional and investment professionals, as well as government departments.

The proceeds of the investment will be used to expand Xplore’s global commercial footprint and to further enhance its functionality. We aim to make Xplore the first ‘port of call’ prospectivity service for early stage explorers.

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