About Us

Our work includes large, complex and strategic-level studies with national governments, development agencies and the World Bank, as well as competitively priced, quality services to industry.​

Our service is highly specialised, focused entirely on the collection, compilation, value adding, interpretation and serving of geodata to incentivise and support mineral exploration.​


  • Assist national governments to implement large geodata mapping programmes to update and modernise their data holdings. This includes compiling terms of reference, implementing and supervising programmes and quality control monitoring;​
  • Provide objective technical, financial and organisation assessments of governmental mineral support programmes through detailed scoping studies. We review and formulate policy and build capacity at technical and managerial levels;​
  • Use and manage a large network of experienced geoscientists and project managers;​
  • Compile mineral resource inventories, metallogenic and prospectivity maps;​
  • Compile mineral promotion materials such as brochures and CDs at a regional and national scale to publicise prospective terrains for investors;​
  • Develop geodata management systems to improve accessibility of geodata to the mineral exploration sector;​
  • Build capacity in the geosciences at a technical and managerial level;​
  • Provide expert advice and draw on experience of many national geological surveys to assist in restructuring, strategic review and implementing strategic plans.