IGS as Technical Partner of the Saudi Geological Survey in the RGP Geophysics project


IGS (International Geoscience Services) geophysicists continue to carry out quality control and provide technical advisory services to SGS (Saudi Geological Survey) for the Regional Geoscience Program (RGP) Phase 1 geophysics which consists of magnetic gradiometry and radiometrics flown at 300m line spacing over the entire Arabian Shield.

Sander Geophysics is flying Block 1 while Xcalibur is currently flying in Block 3. Both blocks are approaching 50% completion and some final products have been generated for completed portions . There are now 7 aircraft on the project and > 700,000 line kms flown to date. IGS and partners have also assisted the Saudi Geological Survey with developing scope of work for future airborne acquisition phases comprising targeted surveys (e.g. electromagnetics) over areas prospective for mineral deposits.

Arabian Shield Phase1 blocks

By Dr. Feargal Murphy – principal geophysicist 

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