IGS consortium wins major contract in India

IGS Ltd, as part of IDPeX Pvt Ltd, has signed an agreement with the Odisha Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd (OMECL) of India to optimise the exploration of mineral deposits in the eastern Indian State of Odisha. This will result in an inventory of auctionable blocks of different minerals.

L-R: R. Mohanty (IDPeX), S.K. Singh (OMECL), K.K. Rao (IDPeX), Craig Blane (MSA), Ash Johnson (IDPeX), Shri Balwant Singh (OMECL), Ian Haddon (MSA), P.P. Pani (OMECL), B. Sahoo (OMECL), Dhruba Nath (IDPeX)

IDPeX Pvt Ltd is the Indian registered joint venture of IGS Ltd, Datacode International (Pvt) Ltd, and Paterson, Grant & Watson Ltd (PGW). On this project IDPeX is working with consortium partners MSA Group Pty Ltd.

The work program will manage legacy data from exploration agencies of the State of Odisha. New airborne geophysical surveys will follow resulting in the selection of potential mineral blocks for different mineral commodities. The exploration programme will use the latest technologies and adhere to international standards.

Shri D.K. Singh, IAS, Chairman, OMECL said that, “Odisha is a mineral rich state. However, a large part of the State is still unexplored. This exploration program will lead to the discovery of hidden mineral deposits across the state using the latest technology which will help the state to utilise the mineral resources for the development of the State.”

Dr Ash Johnson, Director of IDPeX Ltd said “We are honoured and excited that IDPeX and MSA have been selected by OMECL as their Strategic Technical Consultant for this project. Our knowledgeable local team will work alongside our international experts to deliver auctionable blocks suitable to attract additional domestic and international investment into the State of Odisha.”