IGS and the Geological Survey of India

IDPeX (which is a joint-venture partnership between IGS, PGW of Toronto and Datacode Intl. of Nagpur, India) has recently completed tender supervision and quality control (TSQC) of Blocks 1,2 and 4 of the Geological Survey of India’s (GSI) OGP Year 1 multi-sensor airborne geophysical survey programme. This forms part of India’s national high resolution geophysical program of ‘Areas of Obvious Geological Potential’ that covers an area of 813 000 km2. IDPeX presented a review of its Year 1 work at a recent workshop held at GSI, Bangalore.

IDPeX has been working closely with GSI and PIAs (Project Implementation Agencies) throughout the Y1 programme and the results provide a modern high resolution database for use by mineral exploration and other sectors.

IDPEX has also recently signed a contract with GSI for the interpretation of legacy data and consultancy in setting terms of reference for new detailed surveys in areas of specific mineral exploration interest.