Afghan project receives A+ rating from DFID

As work on our Afghan project continues, we were pleased to be informed that the Extractive Sector Support Programme (ESSP), the DFID-funded programme where our work resides, has recently been graded A+ following a review of the programme. Details of this assessment will be published on the DFID Development Tracker website in due course.

Training in commercial laboratories in Kabul is continuing as planned prior to the arrival of new laboratory equipment, and several meetings are ongoing with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to agree revisions to our work plan to meet the needs of the MoMP.

Our work aims to build capacity at the MoMP and the Afghan Geological Survey (AGS) through the training and mentoring of staff in using specific equipment at the AGS and working with local staff to develop skills relating to mineral promotion at the MoMP.

Whilst working in Afghanistan does still have challenges, we are confident that our work will add real value to the Afghan government by improving some of the essential skills necessary for the sustainable development of Afghanistan’s mineral resources.