IGS Xplore – De-Risking Mineral Exploration

IGS Xplore is a new automated mineral targeting system, developed by International Geoscience Services (IGS) Ltd., designed for de-risking early-stage decision making in mineral exploration. The software system uses novel, non-GIS based, semantically-driven technology to quickly identify prospective areas for over 15 different commodities.

IGS understands the enormous value but also the risk associated with early-stage mineral exploration data, which is often patchy, disjointed and of varying quality. IGS Xplore, being a powerful knowledge-based system, rapidly tests the different types of data that exist for a region or country, including geology, geochemistry, known mineral occurrences and other data sources. These datasets are tested against a set of well-established, non-statistical but empirically-based geological rules governing up to 50 known mineralization models, generating a portfolio of customized, high-quality prospectivity maps for a region/country and on a commodity basis.

IGS Xplore addresses the growing demand in today’s data-intensive mineral exploration industry for geological data to be dealt with in an efficient, integrated way. IGS Xplore is committed to de-risking early-stage mineral exploration activities and empowering senior decision-makers to make the best possible investment decisions.

IGS Xplore, recently launched in February 2016, is an in-house service where our dedicated IGS Xplore team works with a client’s data to ensure the efficient capture and integration of their proprietary data into the IGS Xplore system, alongside the management, supervision and delivery of prospectivity maps tailored to their specific requirements. Our approach works because our experienced team work closely with you, bringing experience, talent and drive to every project.

Data Packages

Using IGS Xplore we currently have off the shelf prospectivity data products:

Free Products (Example of our outputs)

  • Botswana Besshi Copper and Carbonate Hosted Pb-Zn all in single mxd. This will be available for free to showcase the products

Paid Products

  • French Guiana – Greenstone Orogenic Gold
  • French Guiana – Ni-Cu-PGE
  • French Guiana – Peralkaline Intrusions
  • Brazilian Guiana Shield – Greenstone Orogenic Gold
  • Brazilian Guiana Shield – Ni-Cu-PGE
  • Brazilian Guiana Shield – Peralkaline Intrusions
  • Venezuela – Greenstone Orogenic Gold
  • Venezuela – Ni-Cu-PGE
  • Venezuela – Peralkaline Intrusions
  • Guiana Shield – Greenstone Orogenic Gold
  • Guiana Shield – Ni-Cu-PGE
  • Guiana Shield – Peralkaline Intrusions
  • Guiana Shield – Greenstone Orogenic Gold, Ni-Cu-PGE & Peralkaline Intrusions (French Guiana, Brazil and Venezuela)
  • Thailand – Au Rich VMS
  • Thailand – Cu-Au Porphyry
  • Thailand – Bimodal VMS (Pb-Zn) & Pb-Zn SEDEX (Clastic and Carbonate Hosted) (3 MODELS)
  • Myanmar – Au Rich VMS
  • Myanmar – Cu-Au Porphyry
  • Myanmar – Bimodal VMS (Pb-Zn) & Pb-Zn SEDEX (Clastic and Carbonate Hosted) (3 MODELS)
  • Thailand and Myanmar – Au Rich VMS
  • Thailand and Myanmar – Cu-Au Porphyry
  • Thailand and Myanmar – Bimodal VMS (Pb-Zn) & Pb-Zn SEDEX (Clastic and Carbonate Hosted) (3 MODELS)
  • Thailand and Myanmar – Au Rich VMS, Cu-Au Porphyry & Bimodal VMS (Pb-Zn) & Pb-Zn SEDEX (Clastic and Carbonate Hosted) 

All products include prospective areas for the target mineral deposit type, enriched geological/geochemical source data and country boundaries in ArcGIS format.

Watch this space for further developments and regular updates on IGS Xplore – an advanced integrated system of service and technology.

For more information please contact us – enquiries@igsint.com

Why use IGS Xplore?

IGS recognises the enormous value associated with geodata and enhances vast quantities of expensive data generated by exploration with its innovative mineral prospectivity analytical tool, IGS Xplore. The availability of IGS Xplore’s customized value-added early-stage prospectivity maps are of vital strategic importance to mineral explorers and senior decision-makers guiding them to make well-informed decisions regarding the selection of commodities to be explored for, the identification of potential concession areas for exploration as well as influencing the crucial decision-making process to raise appropriate levels of investment.

IGS understands the vital strategic and investment linkage between the various types of geological data and early-stage mineral exploration. However, geodata, which is often difficult to obtain, is typically in multiple representation formats and involves traditional methods of collating and analysing in a time-consuming and labour-intensive process by geologists. These problems are adding to the rising costs of mineral prospect discovery worldwide, inhibiting early-stage exploration activities and investment in the exploration sector.

In response to these exploration challenges IGS has developed a propriety technology, IGS Xplore. Unlike other geological analytical tools, IGS Xplore has been designed specifically to provide automated mineral prospectivity analyses for de-risking early-stage mineral exploration, and subsequently improve investment confidence for decision-makers in the exploration sector. The IGS Xplore system offers a streamlined approach, dramatically shortening the delivery time and reducing the high costs associated with early-stage exploration activities by automating the lion-share of the prospectivity analysis process.

What makes IGS Xplore different?

IGS Xplore, unlike other prospectivity analytical tools, does not use GIS-based software with geology-enabling modules, nor does it use a statistical, multivariate mathematical approach to perform mineral prospectivity analysis.

In contrast, IGS Xplore is leading the way with its unique knowledge-based application that uses powerful semantic technology to support automated prospectivity analysis by encoding the relevant geological knowledge. This allows the IGS Xplore system to effectively store, model and query a huge range of geological data and perform automated analysis, from which value-added mineral prospectivity maps for a region and on a commodity basis can easily be generated, delivered and updated as needed.

A key advantage of the IGS Xplore system is its exceptional capability to house an extraordinary amount of geological knowledge, which is automatically applied to large sets of geological data. The system can rapidly test multi-source geological data sets, including regional geology, geochemistry, known mineral occurrences and other data sources from a region, against a set of well-established, empirically based (non-probabilistic) geological rules governing up to 50 known mineralization models. The mineral prospectivity areas that are generated are therefore not theoretical constructs but are based on actual known geological conditions.

The Role of Data

The availability of digital geological data sets, or geodata, is an integral part of IGS’ new automated mineral prospectivity analytical tool, IGS Xplore. The more geodata available for processing the greater the ability of IGS Xplore to maximize that data’s potential and generate high-quality, meaningful mineral prospectivity maps.

IGS can work with data provided by clients, ensuring the efficient capture and integration of their proprietary data into the IGS Xplore system, alongside the management, supervision and delivery of value-adding mineral prospectivity maps tailored to their requirements.

IGS understands that it is often very difficult and expensive for companies to acquire the geodata they need, however, IGS is experienced in sourcing geodata and on behalf of a client, can acquire data for IGS Xplore mineral prospectivity analysis, for particular regions or countries that are of interest to them.

IGS’ mission is to continually source, collate and archive geodata for regions and countries with significant untapped mineral potential and resources, and add value through high-quality prospectivity products that have real commercial value to the exploration sector.

Key Features and Benefits of IGS Xplore

  • IGS Xplore is a new and innovative system created specifically to de-risk early-stage mineral exploration and help guide senior-decision makers to make the right investment, finance and business choices in the sector.
  • IGX Xplore adds value to early-stage exploration data producing customized, high-quality, commercially advanced prospectivity maps for regions or countries where base geological data exists.
  • IGS Xplore can generate a portfolio of prospectivity maps that will quickly provide for a ranking or prioritization of regions within a country that show potential for mineralization across a range of commodities.
  • The prospectivity maps generated by IGS Xplore will provide early-stage strategic indications of a regions mineral potential that can assist in prioritising its future exploration programmes.
  • IGS Xplore uses a unique, non-GIS based, semantically-driven technology that can efficiently integrate disparate and complex geological data streams and provide the sophisticated reasoning capabilities required by prospectivity analysis.
  • As IGS Xplore is an automated system it can create and deliver a range of high-quality prospectivity maps of commercial value, quickly and cost effectively, helping reduce the rising costs associated with initial early-stage exploration activities today.
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