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Xplore Mineral Prospectivity – A Planetary AI and IGS Partnership

Planetary-AI is delighted to announce its partnership with IGS (International Geoscience Services), a leading provider of earth-based intelligence to governments worldwide.

The partnership agreement will see both companies collaborating to deliver cutting- edge target generation for the mineral exploration and mining industry via the Xplore Mineral Prospectivity Platform. Our partnership provides huge opportunities for both companies to expand our mineral targeting capabilities. The partnership agreement will see Planetary-AI  expand its services into using Xplore for exploration planning and field-based data acquisition through various geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys. Our new partner, IGS, maintains a high reputation and wealth of experience in the early stages of mineral exploration with governments around the world, and we look forward to working closely with them as we further develop our Xplore software platform.

The Xplore Platform, first developed by IGS, is software that enables geographic targeting of mineral resources based on a plethora of information both geological and topographical. The software’s intelligence is based on over fifty (50) mineral deposit types that are found all around the world, which are dependent on factors such as geology, structure, age, mineralogy and specific spatial geological relationships. Xplore has been significantly enhanced through a major re-development project over the last 18 months. It is unique in comparison to other types of mineral targeting software as it is underpinned by proven geological mineral deposit intelligence from experts combined with an array of artificial intelligence technologies, to enable the machine to ‘Think like a Geologist’.

Planetary AI is pleased to announce that it will soon start a major project for Botswana Diamonds, using the Xplore platform to analyse the companies’ vast datasets with the goal of yielding fresh insights and to identify new drillable targets. The Chairman of Botswana Diamonds, John Teeling, commented:

Our mineral database in Botswana is simply vast. Too big for timely analysis by humans. Think of it, over 375,000 kms of geophysical data, and 32,000 drill holes logs. Massive databases are suited to analysis by computer-based large Data Models and Artificial Intelligence techniques which can analyse substantial amounts of data in a short time. An added exciting bonus for BOD and for Botswana is that the technique will analyse a number of different minerals. We have always believed that there are more diamond deposits to be found under the sand. Now there is the possibility of other deposits being identified”.

For more information on Planetary AI see (http://planetary-ai.space)

Planetary AI and IGS exhibiting at the Future Minerals Forum, Riyadh, January 2024

By Rory Somerset (Planetary AI)

(For more information please contact us at enquiries@igsint.com)


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