BGSI rebrands to IGS Limited

BGS International (BGSI) is the licenced trading name of IGS (International Geoscience Services) Ltd, used since the formation of the company as a spin out from the British Geological Survey. Under the terms of this licensing agreement, the company’s name was agreed to revert to the official company name of IGS Ltd after an initial period of successful trading.

We are therefore pleased to announce that from 1st February 2015 BGSI will now be known as IGS (International Geoscience Services) Ltd.

IGS will undertake exactly the same work as before and will continue to work with governments, development agencies and the World Bank to improve geological understanding and knowledge in support of the mineral exploration sector.

Dr Peter Zawada, Managing Director of IGS, said “I am pleased to announce the new name of IGS Ltd which will continue the work of BGS International, and we look forward to undertaking a significant phase of expansion in our business in the near future”.

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