BGSI judges in UK World Skills competition

BGSI were one of three judges involved in a recent environmental science competition at the NEC in Birmingham. The event, part of a series of events held by the UK branch of World Skills, aims to encourage interest from students in various occupations and give an experience of what might be expected from them from future employers.

The environmental science competition saw six teams from across the UK seek to address the future energy needs of a fictitious island over the next few decades. Teams worked hard to try to balance the need to maintain an adequate power supply to the population with environmental and socio-political issues. Each team’s recommendations were then submitted as a written report before presentations were made to the judging panel who quizzed them on their ideas.

This is the second year BGSI have been involved as judging the competition and we are pleased to be associated with events such as these which seek to encourage enquiring younger scientific minds.

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