IGS Xplore

IGS Xplore is a prospectivity analysis system, developed by International Geoscience Services (IGS) Ltd. The software system uses semantically-driven technology to quickly identify prospective areas for over 15 different commodities.

IGS Xplore, rapidly tests the different types of data that exist for a region or country, including geology, geochemistry, interpreted geophysics and other data sources. These datasets are tested against a set of well-established, non-statistical but empirically-based geological rules governing over 50 known mineralization models.

IGS Xplore addresses the growing demand in today’s data-intensive mineral exploration industry for geological data to be dealt with in an efficient, integrated, quantitative way, empowering senior decision-makers to make the best possible investment decisions.

Data Packages

Using IGS Xplore we currently have off the shelf prospectivity data products, please contact Peter Zawada for further details.

Why Use Xplore

NO training data

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IGS Xplore, unlike other prospectivity analytical tools, does not use a GIS-based approach, fuzzy logic, neural networks or weights of evidence to perform mineral prospectivity analysis.

Instead IGS Xplore is unique in utilising semantic technology, the first time in the mining or MinEx industry. This allows the IGS Xplore system to effectively store, model and query a huge range of geological data and perform automated prospectivity analysis easily

Semantic technology enables the IGS Xplore system to house an extraordinary amount of geological knowledge, which is automatically applied to large sets of geological data. The mineral prospectivity areas that are generated are therefore not theoretical constructs or probabilities but are based on actual known geological conditions.


“It was exciting to see the IGS Xplore maps go live – the work your group is doing is a step change in getting more value from geoscience data”.

“The Geology team at MSA has trialled IGS Xplore by supplying a pre-discovery dataset from a complex copper district in Central Africa.  The data was supplied blind to IGS with the brief to generate copper exploration targets.  The dataset included regional and local soil geochemical survey results of various vintages, regional geological mapping, local geological mapping and significant structural features extracted from regional geophysical coverages.  The IGS Xplore product generated a series of anomalies that are spatially correlated with several known copper deposits, including the discovery site of a significant Copper resource.  We have found the novel approach of IGS Xplore to be cutting-edge, class-leading, reproducible and reliable and we consider it to be a valuable front-end addition for early-stage target generation as well as opportunity generation in a brownfields setting.”

“The IGS Xplore service performed extremely well on our project. We particularly liked its unique knowledge-based approach to mineral prospectivity mapping.  This quickly helped us identify those areas which are more favourable to hosting a particular style of mineralisation, and we now have new exploration targets to investigate in the field. SRK Exploration Services Ltd. is pleased to endorse IGS Xplore which, in our opinion, is a significant advance in mineral prospectivity analysis”.