Dr Ugur Algan

Dr Ugur Algan

Non-Executive Director

Ugur Algan has over twenty-five years of experience in technical and scientific Data Management in the E&P sector. In addition to being a Director of IGS Ltd, Ugur is the founder and Director of Volantice (an E&P Consultancy), and Chairman of FUSE Information Management Limited (an E&P software company). He has worked on a number of projects for international and national oil companies (including National Data Repositories for Argentina, Oman, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Egypt, Ecuador and India), and for international majors such as Shell and BP.

Previously, Ugur worked at Landmark/Halliburton, ILEX Technologies and CGG-PECC where he directed the development of a number of software packages for Example Data Management and related services.

Ugur has a Ph.D. in Geological Engineering, and has held positions in universities, including as a visiting scientist at MIT, Assistant Professor in Middle East Technical University, and research assistant in University of Missouri-Rolla.

Ugur is a contributor to international E&P standards initiatives, and has participated in SEG standards development for seismic data, and energistics standards initiatives. Ugur has also published numerous papers and delivered presentations in industry publications, meetings, and workshops.

Area of Expertise

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