Prospectivity Analysis

Prospectivity Analysis

Quantitative assessment of geological risk, otherwise known as prospectivity modelling/analysis or potential mapping, has been around since the early 1990’s.

The aim of prospectivity analysis is to de-risk exploration decision making using large geospatial datasets and the latest mineral system knowledge. This allows the quantitative assessment of geology, geochemistry and geophysical data to identify areas of economic mineral potential within an area, region or country.

Techniques employed for this analysis include a manual GIS approach and more statistical methods such as Weights of Evidence, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks.

Our products have been produced using a knowledge led GIS approach utilizing mineral deposit model criteria we have built for over 50 deposit types.

This has allowed us/the system to analyse geological data without statistics, training data or assigning empirical weights and is ideal for regional studies or areas with little previous exploration.

Our outputs are also very transparent, the areas identified being attributed with values of Yes/No/Present/Not Present to show whether the geological criteria is met.