Mozambique MAGTAP project – August 2019 – a successful first field campaign

Between 8 July and 8 August 2019 a total of 956 waypoints have been recorded within the first field area covering the three 1:50,000 map sheets Namecuna (395), Merripa (396) and Norre (397). A team of nine field geologists used personal electronic devices and digital mapping software to complete the work using GIS data packages prepared by IGS. The field camp was situated at Riane in Ribaue District (Nampula Province).

The field team working with the collected digital data. From left to right: Rogerio Matola (DNGM), Daud Jamal (GONDWANA), Jean-Christian Goujou (BRGM), Reik Degler (IGS), Peter Pitfield (IGS), Temoteo Adriano (INAMI), Fila Lazaro (DIPREME Nampula), Honesto Adamo (DIPREME Nampula).
Picture credit: Christoph J. Dobmeier (IGS, Field Team Leader).