IGS awarded 2nd place for Frank Arnott award

IGS has been awarded 2nd place in the prestigious Frank Arnott Award in a ceremony at the Exploration 2017 conference in Toronto.

The Frank Arnott Award is a collaborative challenge focussed on innovation in data integration and visualisation which was set up to support the mineral exploration industry in finding new mineral deposits.

The award is divided into two categories: Apprentice – for those with less than 5 years industry experience, and Experienced – for those with more than 5 years industry experience. Teams were challenged to analyse one or more datasets presented from different regions of the world and were judged on the following criteria:

  • Exploration significance. How the team’s approach would improve exploration outcomes
  • Impacts (benefits) on workflow and productivity with global exploration significance
  • Demonstration of collaboration by team members and the integration of various disciplines to improve the final results

IGS entered as part of team ‘Deep on Data’ in the experienced category and chose to analyse data from the Yukon plateau, specifically focussed on epithermal gold and porphyry copper deposits.