Afghan project progresses

Omran labOur three DFID-funded projects at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and Afghan Geological Survey (AGS) continue to make progress and several new associates have recently been recruited to the team. These have been employed to deliver specialist elements of our training programme agreed with the Ministry and to ensure continuity of our presence in Kabul whenever possible.

Several of our counterparts will be attending the 5th International Hindu Kush Geological Conference in Kabul from 29th-30th September where some will be delivering presentations at their first conference.

New I.T. equipment has also been provided for the AGS, and laboratory equipment will soon be ordered to equip a new construction materials testing laboratory. This will enable AGS staff to undertake routine tests on a variety of materials such as marble, brick, and other building materials. In the meantime, counterparts continue to be trained at commercial laboratories in Kabul to gain familiarity with procedures and equipment.