Project News

Burkina Faso


BGS International has signed a contract with a World Bank Funded Programme to provide technical assistance to the Office of Mines and Geology (BUMIGEB) to set up a series of terms of references for geological mapping, high-resolution airborne geophysical survey, geochemical sampling programme and the development of geochemical laboratory facilities and a geodata information management system. This will be followed by a supervisory phase once the contractors have been appointed. BGS International has assembled a team of experts for the project and has made excellent progress.

Republic of the Sudan


BGS International is pleased to announce its support and assistance to the Ministry of Minerals, Khartoum as part of its drive to reform its mineral sector. This includes a reform of GRAS (Geological Research Authority of the Republic of Sudan) together with the development and implementation of its geodata management systems. BGSi is privileged to assist the Ministry in its ambitious plans to attract exploration investment into the country.