Prospectivity Data Packages

IGS Ltd is pleased to offer off-the-shelf Xplore mineral prospectivity data products.

Each product includes a prospectivity layer for the target mineral deposit type, the enriched geological/geochemical source data and country boundaries, (in ArcGIS format, shape files and map package), also includes a detailed report on the regional geology, input data and prospectivity analysis methods applied.


Xplore prospectivity maps for Cu-Au Porphyry potential of the SW Yukon and Thailand-Myanmar below.

Yukon Permissive and Favourable Areas
Yukon Favourable Areas and Geology
Yukon Favourable Areas and Claims
Thailand Permissive and Favourable
Botswana Besshi Type VMS


Further Xplore prospectivity maps for Besshi Copper and Carbonate Hosted Pb-Zn in northwest Botswana can be found on the Botswana geoportal.


Products in Preparation

We are currently working on new data products for the below regions and deposit styles.

Republic of Ireland

      • Orogenic Gold
      • Pb-Zn, Irish Type
      • Cu-Au VMS

Western Australia

      • Cu-Au VMS
      • Orogenic Gold

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