Latest prospectivity map produced

IGS has recently completed the latest of a series of prospectivity maps, this time for Cu porphyry potential in the Malanjkhand area of India (part of this shown here). These maps, produced by Xplore – our semantic technology-based mineral prospectivity software – highlight the most prospective areas for particular mineral deposit model types.

Almost 50 different mineral deposit models can be rapidly analysed using existing baseline datasets and well-established, peer reviewed mineral deposit model characteristics. The prospectivity maps produced are of great help in aiding the identification of prospective areas for governments, as well as exploration companies seeking to enter new markets, or to delineate more detailed areas of interest.

IGS recently attended the Mining Mazma – the Mining, Exploration Convention and Trade Show held in Bangalore in India from 14-16th September. IGS staff met with representatives from various Indian States and a separate report will be posted shortly.